Destination Indiana

Private / public, big / small, rural / urban, liberal arts / professional, associate degrees to doctorates and beyond. Indiana’s 38 universities and colleges offer every possible educational opportunity in a social environment that is safe, welcoming, and exciting!


Education has long been a priority in Indiana, with many of our institutions dating back to thee early years of the 1800’s, and our newest being founded in the 1970s. They range in size from research institutions enrolling nearly 40,000 to small liberal arts colleges, which enroll less than 1000. Virtually every degree available worldwide is offered in Indiana and links to all of them call be found on this page.

Indiana is centrally located in the Midwest, with Lake Michigan to the north and the Ohio River on its southern border. Chicago, Cincinnati, and Louisville are on our borders, and 75% of the people in American — including those in the Rocky Mountains and in Florida — are within a day’s drive from Indiana.

Hoosiers — individuals from Indiana — are known for their hospitality, which extends each year to the 13,000 plus international students who enroll at every single university and college in the state. Host family programs link international students to local families, while international offices insure student’s smooth transition both to their degree program and to their new homes.

Indianapolis, a city of more than one million, serves as the state capital and is world renown for its life sciences. The pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly has its global headquarters in Indianapolis, which also hosts the Indiana University School of Medicine. The city is also known for its amateur sports and automobile racing — both formula one and Indy car.

The majority of our population lives in cities and towns, which are amongst the safest in America. Indiana is well integrated into the global economy, and hosts the third largest concentration of Japanese foreign investment in the US, while local companies export manufactured goods worth upwards of $12 billion per year. Some of Indiana’s leading exports grow out of advanced manufacturing, and include orthopedic devices, diesel engines, transmissions and drive trains, jet engines, and a host of other items. Indiana is also the largest exporter of duck in the world, and the largest exporter of popcorn in the US!

Indiana offers every possible low cost educational opportunity in a safe environment, which provides easy access to the entire country. When you are looking for an educational home, make your Destination: Indiana!